​​​​ “Building Your Life On Purpose"

Becky  "OH" Ohland

Professional Coaching & Strategic Consulting "Building your Life On Purpose"

Success Clubs Topics: 

MOTIVATION- What motivates you and keeps you engaged and in the driver’s seat? What happens when unforeseen twists and turns crop up?
BOUNDARIES- How to have healthy relationships with myself,  my family and friends, my clients, co-workers etc… What are boundaries and how do I get them?
COMMUNICATION- Strategies for effective communication in different circumstances and relationships; how to deal with difficult people or situations
LEADERSHIP &  TEAM BUILDING- Who do you follow and who do you lead?  What makes a great leader? What makes a great team? Is there a better way?
NEGOTIATION- Everyone is a salesperson/Everyone negotiates.
SITTING AT THE TABLE-  Awareness, Courage, Readiness, Confidence
MARKETING/SELLING STRATEGIES- What to say when your prospect is at the table.
SUCCESS- What is it for you and how do you get there?  How do you stay there?
ADVERSITY- How to withstand and overcome adversity-  and reach for success in spite  of or sometimes even because of, difficulty
EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE- Surprisingly, developing a HIGH EQ may be more critical  to success than a HIGH IQ. EQ is a learned skill and can be improved.
CLIENT LOYALTY- How to build and maintain loyalty in relationships.
MASTERY/DEVELOPING YOUR STRENGTHS- Discovering your top strengths, and using them for your best advantage - How to find flow in your work and your life.
TEMPERAMENT/DISC-  Understanding DISC and other assessments. How you  can  SELL to anybody. Understanding others can make your life easier & more successful.
HABITS AND CONSISTENCY- How to make and sustain real, positive change through incremental improvements in thinking and in actions.
HEALTH AND WELLNESS– Are you treating your body like a million-dollar race horse?
MEDITATION -  Going deeper.  Breath better, live better!

**Persistence in the Pursuit of Personal Development Produces Prosperity**


​Finest Hour Success Clubs

are designed to bring all of the benefits of COACHING into an  AFFORDABLE, fun, ongoing, interactive community, of like-minded people.  

When you join this series of group coaching and accountability workshops, which bring together a dynamic combination of learning, brainstorming, and coaching, you will be encouraged to make specific commitments to new actions. 

The workshops focus on cultivating fresh insights, identifying new skills and on ongoing accountability, to help you achieve greater success in business and an increased fulfillment in your life.    

Utilizing the work of  BEST SELLING authors as well as top speakers and blog writers, we'll  explore those skills and practices that can have the most impact on your life and career.   You will be challenged to commit to and practice principles essential to success in all areas, both professional and personal.

Finest Hour Success Clubsare starting up at various locations in the Phoenix area. 

Call me for more information! 623.826.3050