"It has been my privilege to work with Becky Ohland for the last 13 years with her as a title company representative and myself as a Realtor. It was her positive attitude and prompt service that kept me loyal the entire time. She had new and refreshing ideas of how I could do my work better and faster and I believe these talents transfer directly into coaching and that she has the ability and knowledge to help a lot of people."

- Stewart

"Becky is wonderful to work with and she is always ready with an idea to jump start your business. She has helped us thru tough times and dry spots in our business. We have enjoyed working with Becky to keep us motivated."  - Julia M.

"Becky has always been attentive to my Real Estate business concerns, going out of her way to help me be successful, putting others first, ahead of her own wishes. I could always trust and depend on her to keep her word even when it became a hardship for her. She is a great example to me."  - William

"Over the last 11 years I have had the pleasure of working with Becky Ohland ... Whenever I called upon Becky to assist me in my marketing and plans for my real estate business she immediately responded.   Whether I was asking forcounseling, appointments, marketing materials or upcoming continuing education classes, she came to my rescue.  Whatever endeavor Becky takes on, she takes it on with commitment and exceptional deliverance.  I would highly recommend Becky in any career she undertakes. - Dolores

Here are a few words regarding our years together... "You are a special person in my life, you have been supportive of me since I started my career in Real Estate back in 2001.  I say you are so supportive of me but, I know you are this way with everyone, it's just part of your nature.   I want to thank you for all of the positive things you have done for our community in general.  You have personally given me the desire to continue in this crazy business called Real Estate more times than I can recallYou listen to me rejoice and complain and always have the right words to add. I know you will continue to be a blessing to everyone you touch.  I will always remember you with fond memories and wish you continued success in your future endeavors." - Jeanne

What they say about me...

​​​​ “Building Your Life On Purpose"

Becky  "OH" Ohland

Professional Coaching & Strategic Consulting "Building your Life On Purpose"

​"I truly believe that on your life's path God brings to you special persons of light that point the way.  Becky Ohland was a first light in my career as a real estate agent when I was the most vulnerable. ... I don't remember most of our meeting but I remember how she made me feel.  She was my CEO, Chief Encouragement Officer. The counsel she offered me inspired action in me.  Becky instinctively, maybe intuitively, recommended persons, and methods, sources and 'principle' that have never failed me. She was right. It was never easy, but it was worth it. 12 years later I am a successful Realtor. 
Becky was that pivotal person who not only guided me in all things 'material' to business acumen, and that would have been enough.  But along my career journey, I lost my spiritual way due to the demands of my business and the pressures of a market downturn. Becky, unselfishly, offered in her home a woman's Bible study class for a period of weeks.  I think she instinctively knew I needed a shepherd, a lost lamb that I may have been.   What she didn't know was how meaningful that was to shepherd me back to my faith and helped me to restore my soul.  Becky is a light.  She possesses a quiet warmth, a human understanding and 'a knowing' that comes from her own overcoming.   Wisdom is gift she earned.  Becky has a principled center.  
As a life coach, Becky has on the job life training that only those whose life path have been touched by her knows.  I believe life coaching is Becky's calling to encourage your strengths. " 

- Patti

"In my 40 plus years as a realtor, Becky Ohland was one of the best Title Account Managers I ever worked with. I lost count of the times Becky assisted me and my son/partner, with marketing ideas and tools to better serve our clients. Her attention to detail and her timeliness made us look very professional  in the eyes of our  clients. Simply said , Becky Ohland is a REAL PROFESSIONAL!"
- Ray

"Becky has always been available for me when I needed help. She always cared about my needs and always helped me find an answers even when she had to further research the situation.  Her caring attitude always impressed me." - Robert

"Everyone needs an advocate!  When I began my Real Estate career 16 years ago I quickly became aware of that need.  When Becky Arnold Ohland came into my life in her position as Senior Account Manager at First American Title, I instantly had an advocate, a mentor AND a friend!  With her calm voice of reason (real estate transactions can be very stressful), and her “get it done” attitude, any problems brought to her attention were quickly solved with ease. Becky is so well “equipped” for her Life Coaching career and anyone adding Becky’s wisdom and skills to their personal or business life will be blessed." - Gail

"Becky has been instrumental in helping us setup our marketing strategy. She has a great network of resources and is a very good listener. With all these tools available she made specific recommendations in support of our goals, while also keeping our personal style in mind. She frequently followed up with us to ensure the strategy is working and encouraged us to stay the course, eventually resulting in exceeding our business goals. Thank you Becky!"    Hanna & Volker