Becky  "OH" Ohland

Professional Coaching & Strategic Consulting "Building your Life On Purpose"

​​​​ “Building Your Life On Purpose"

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About your Coach... 

Becky started in the real estate business as a teenager working for a real estate company in South Bend INDIANA.  Her job was to keep the MLS up-to-date for the office.  Way back then, the ENTIRE MLS was on index cards and was kept in a 4 drawer file cabinet.  During college, she got her first job in title insurance where she began to learn all of the intricacies of the real estate business.  She moved quickly into special projects and management and closed literally thousands of real estate transactions including residential, commercial, and exchanges. 

 She then naturally moved into sales, and became a top performing title rep, working with hundreds of area REALTORS, teaching them industry fundamentals, provided marketing support and helped them develop many other skills necessary to improve their business.

A few years ago, Becky found herself facing a breakdown of her marriage and addiction issues with her youngest son, a time which ushered in a period of seeking answers. Through family hardship and difficulty, she followed a path of personal development, which eventually brought her to a new found sense of fulfillment in her life.  Surprisingly, during this time, she found that not only had her income increased to record highs, but at the same time, work and relationships had become easier and less stressful. Her personal breakthrough convinced her that her friends and clients may also have internal barriers limiting their success and fulfillment.  When these things are identified and resolved, they can soar to even greater levels of achievement.

When she discovered the world of coaching as a way to help entrepreneurs achieve a greater level of fulfillment  in all areas of their lives, she knew she had found her next career.

Shortly after her 50th birthday, Becky bought a set of drums and began taking lessons and practicing in her spare time.  Along with her husband, their band has played for several years at rehabs, Teen Challenge and the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Becky is also an avid jogger and reader- though does not recommend doing those two at the same time. 

You will find her quest for continuous improvement...  contagious!

I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs,  helping them learn and grow in the skills most necessary to build a successful business.

As your coach I take the role of consultant, trainer and accountability partner to a deeper level,  helping you define your goals and build the skills and strategies to reach them.

If there are one or more areas in your career or personal life were you want to achieve greater success, or if you feel "stuck" and aren't sure how to get motivated and moving forward . . .I can help. 

Call me today to design a custom Coaching Plan  for you!